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Maryland, United States
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autumn, ball jointed dolls, chocolate, collecting whatever attracts me, fiction, foggy days, gardening, house, kamikaze girls, laura, lolita fashion, manga, mildred pearce, music, mysteries, now voyager, reading, renaissance festivals, roleplaying, sewing, the color green
I am probably much older than many of you. I have 2 children, a son and daughter who also love anime and manga. A dog named Ramona and a cat named Mickey live with me. Oh, yes, I do have a husband, but since he doesn't have a clue about Loli style and such, he doesn't count. *lol*

Since I first wrote this my dog, Ramona, sadly had to be put to sleep. She was my friend as well as the family dog. She loved me when I felt no one else did. She would cuddle with me and make me smile. I loved her and miss her still. We have a new member of the family now. A cat named Sushi. He's a total nut case, but so cute.