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When the time comes...

Sadly, I have deemed it time to take a step back in the Lolita world. I still, and will always, love the
fashion. The rewards of meeting so many lovely people is immeasurable. I will still wear a few pieces
from time to time, incorporating them into my "everyday" wardrobe. But, life has a terrible way of chang-
ing things.

To those whom I've meet in person, and online, thank you for accepting an older Lolita. I wish you all
joy, happiness, and beauty in your lives!


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My Lolita Closet...

a listing of my Lolita clothes, bits, and bobbles. Continuing to update...

1 Metamorphose OP red and white polka dot with embroidered Poodles (transformed into a skirt)
1 Innocent World OP Laurette in brown (my "dream" dress, for always)
1 Innocent World JSK Nicholas Fruit print in cream (to be made into a skirt)

1 Fanplusfriend Meta Replica Sailor Short Sleeve Tiered OP (navy)
1 Fanplusfriend Meta Replica Pintuck Ribbon JSK (dark red)

1 BtSSB Unico in Bloomland skirt with matching headbow in navy (second "dream)
1 BtSSB Baby's Secret Cake Factory OP in black (transformed into a skirt)
1 Metamorphose Melody Poodle print skirt with matching bloomers and tote bag (pink)
1 Metamorphose Typewriting Squirrels mini skirt in off white
1 dark brown with pink roses skirt (handmade)
1 yellow with roses print skirt (handmade)
1 poodles on scooters/Eiffel Tower print skirt (handmade)
1 lemon yellow with cafe print skirt (handmade)

1 Black Lolita bolero (In the Starlight)
1 black short puffed sleeve blouse (Anna House)
1 white short puffed sleeve Dolly blouse (In the Starlight)
1 white 3/4 sleeve blouse (off brand)
1 black 3/4 sleeve blouse (off brand)
1 white long sleeve vintage blouse

1 pr white bloomers (IntheStarlight)

1 pr black tea party shoes (Bodyline)
1 pr red tea party shoes (Secret Shop)
1 pr black maryjane pumps (SoftStyle)
1 pr brown maryjane pumps (SoftStyle)

BtSSB black&white checked headband with 2 side bows w/rhinestones(plastic)
BtSSB pink&white checked headband with 1 side bow w/rhinestones(plastic)
Nicholas Fruit Headbow (IW;cream)
Brown Ribbon headband (IW)

Nicholas Fruit knee socks (IW;cream)
AP OTK (turquoise with Eiffel Tower!)
several pairs of assorted knee socks and tights

hats; black beret, straw boater
assorted jewelry pieces, mostly costume and a few good pieces
gloves: white crochet, black, cream vintage wrist length
Maxicimam Mam Crown umbrella in black
Angelic Pretty Black with white polka dot umbrella

Moitie on its way!

IT IS HERE! It fits, and I am in love. It is so soft and flowy and wonderful. I can't believe I actually am wearing a Moite dress. Nini gave me a great idea for wearing it; with a jean jacket and boots. I can so see it!
I may look for a headpiece (Moitie?) at the Swap Meet. There goes my money. *lol*

My Moi Meme Moitie JSK is on it's way to me from France! Ooh-la-la! From the sweetest, kindest Lolita, Chibinini. I really can't wait. As I said on Lolitafashion "If I have to grease myself to fit in it, I'm wearing that baby!" I don't care if it's one time. ;)

I'm begining to enjoy the prospect of collecting a few more items to fill out my wardrobe.
There are a pair of black maryjane pumps coming next month. My favorite shoes, really, Soft Style from Hushpuppies. Etsy will provide me with these earrings, that have gotten under my skin and I must have. IntheStarlight, also on Etsy now, has a skirt, bolero, and wrist cuffs that I want. I finally found another Etsy shop that does cutsews!

Looking so forward to vacation next week. I need to call About Faces to schedule a massage, pedicure, and whatever else I can get for all those gift cards I have. Otakon is at the end of the week. Maybe I'll feel like going back to work after all that!

Till next time...


Sitting here in my room thinking about myself, my life, and what will I do. Even though I am in my late 50's, I still don't know what to do with my life. I've married, had children, stayed home, worked. Now I want something that I don't know if I'll ever be able to acheive. True happiness and being myself.

Maybe I should start with listing those things I truly love. Would that give me a clue as to what I should do or not do? I don't know.

My marriage has morphed into something less then I thought it would. I do feel unhappy in this relationship, even after 37 years. My spouse is not what I thought he would or could be.
We have grown apart, and not very gracefully either. We get along, sort of, but I always feel that I am walking on eggshells. Honesty is not a word we use about each other. And there are many times when I just plan don't like him at all. Divorce has crossed my mind many, many times. But that's scary. And I suppose it should be.

I wish I was stronger emotionally. I'm a weakling, even though I pretend otherwise. I feel as though I could make it on my own, but am afraid to make that first step. This affects me physically and mentally. It affects my work, which I hate. Being scared silly of being without a job makes me feel sick.

So where do I go, what do I do? Who will care about me? Will I always feel so alone? Who can help me answer these questions? A psychologist, psychiatric help, life coach?

Being alone isn't the problem, but being lonely is!

It's been a long time...

It's been a long time since I posted anything here.  I went back and read my posts and cleaned them up.  Some definite changes have gone on in my thoughts and life.

When I first posted it was about Lolita fashion.  I still love the style, but my ideas of it have changed a bit.  I would now classify, if I must, myself as a Gothic Classic Lolita.  Or even Bittersweet Lolita.  My wardrobe is mostly black, white, and red combinations or brown florals.  Don't ask me why it's turned out that way, I don't really know. *lol* But I like it.  On one hand I have the Gothic sort of look going, and on the other Classic. 

I have my first pieces of my favorite brand.  Innocent World's Lauretta OP which is a chocolate brown with pink rose print.  The other things are a pink bolero and chocolate brown ribbon headband.  Well, I sort of lie because I always forget that Gwen bought me a headbow and socks from them with forest animals 2 years ago. WOW! 2 years ago already. 

I still make most my skirts of which I have 4.  Two of them are the same print, just different colors.  They are an Eiffel tower print one in black with white towers, the other in red with black towers.  The other 2 are classic floral prints.  I love making these skirts for myself and Gwen.

I'm still at the same old job and find I am growing tired.  Part of it is the job and the companies attitudes, and part is my age.  Ah, well, everyone seems to feel the same way.  But it's awful never seeming to get ahead, working day after day. 

This past year has seen me enter the wonderful (and expensive) world of ball jointed dolls.  I have 2 now, a Fairyland PukiPuki named YoYo, and an Island Doll Bobo sculpt named Owen.  I am waiting for my 3rd one to come, an Island Doll msd Amy, to be named Bobbie Jo or BJ!
Gwen also has 2 bjds, one Island Doll msd Wallace named Kanda, and a Fairyland Pukifee named Lucy.  We attend doll meet ups at Arundel Mills mall where we Ew and AH over everyones dolls, and take a million pictures of the cuties!  Most have larger dolls that are just wonderful, sd size to 70 cms. 

Gwen turns 21 at the end of the week.  So hard to believe my baby is a full-fledged adult.  She's my best friend. I love her.
Chad bought a house at the beginning of the year.  And he's an excited newbie homeowner.  He and Deanna are so great together.
I'm very happy for them. 
We also acquired another cat this past fall, Sushi.  He's a bundle of activity and poor old Mickey doesn't quite know what to make of him. *lol*  But their learning to get along.  It's fun to watch.  Cats are so intertaining.

Think I'll stop for now.  This is the most I've felt like writing in a long time.  Till later.

Decisions in the making...

I think I need to look for a new job.  My current one is getting to be difficult at best.  I want to go from this full-time one to part-time.
I would like to be able to do some sewing for selling.  Probably Loli skirts and matching hairbows.  Yes, I know many, many people do this sort of thing, but I want to give it a try.  Basic sort of skirts for those just starting out, or for those who really need well bugeted items.  Don't plan on getting rich of this, just make a bit of spending money. (and pay the bills!)  I already have a stash of fabric to start with.  I will be selling them on egl_plus, LolitaFashion Forum, and perhaps on Etsy.  I have to see how it goes. 

Looking forward to next week....VACATION!  My first time hosting a meet-up is that week, and then there is a meet-up at the National Zoo in DC the next day.  I'll need another vacation to recover. *lol* 

Well, off I go to.....dah dah.....the job.

Steampunk Meetup

I'm looking forward to the meetup at the Science Center in Baltimore. I think I need to get my outfit together though. I have the basic dress, but am deciding on shoes and other accessories. I really wish I had a weapon or gadget of some sort to carry along.

I hope the weather will cooperate with the day. GAH! We already had enough snow for 1 year.

Despite being in retail, I had a rather nice Christmas. It was quiet. Went to see Sherlock Holmes. Pretty good movie. I would give it a 2 thumbs up. Grant it, it was a different sort of Holmes. As I read somewhere, Holmes as action hero! True, but it was still fun.

Well, that's all for right now. Better get some sleep. Work tomorrow!! Tah.